Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I joined the fairly new genealogy resource, archive.com, a few months ago in a fit of genealogical stupor. I was hot on the trail of an ancestor and this new website showed a possible resource that would break a brick wall. So I joined for the 7-day trial period. Unfortunately, the resource was not for my ancestor. I forgot about archive.com and moved on to other resources. I also forgot about my 7-day trial and forgot to cancel it. Now I had a subscription so I decided to make the best of it. I started searching for all my main family lines: no records. I then searched the more obscure lines: no records. I have quite a few documented individuals in my family tree and I was very surprised that not a single record showed up. But I was also pretty disappointed with the search engine for the site. It is very discombobulated and difficult to navigate. When you conduct a search the results come up grouped by category such as death records, marriage records, etc. So rather than see all pertinent records at a glance you have to click each sub-group separately.
I think this resource my be more pertinent for those individuals researching recently deceased individuals...but I'm not sure as it is too convuluted to even mess with. I look forward to the end of my subscription. http://www.archive.com

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