Friday, April 29, 2011

Deep down, we wish we were British

HRH Prince William of Wales and
Catherine Middleton married April 29, 2011
I am not a Royal watcher or a Monarchist. I am from Missouri, a state in a country where we do not have fact, many men died to ensure that we would not have a Monarch. Yet, even I, and probably millions of my fellow ex-Britons (albeit 235 years ago) sat and watched today's royal wedding, riveted to our televisions. I heard several commentators ask the same question throughout the coverage: why are Americans so enthralled with this wedding?

It is because deep down, we wish we were British. We wish we had an opportunity to celebrate with such pomp and circumstance. There are many things that Americans can stand for and stand behind: the Statue of Liberty, our beautiful national parks, and just plain "being" American. Yet we do not have a singular institution with such robust history and ceremony. We don't have grand ceremonies, and if there are some at our nation's capital, we're not invited to them. As a young country, we can not even fathom the history behind the British Royal crown.

Yes, today may have just been a wedding. But it was also a time to celebrate the history and heritage of Britain and the one thing every member of the country can stand behind: the Royal family.

Today was a day for all Britons to stand behind the Union Jack and just be proud to be British. And I, for one, will be British for a day.


Shelley said...

I know what you mean! It was a beautiful wedding and an awe-inspiring event--looked like everyone in the crowd was waving a Union Jack! It felt good to share in their happiness.

Tony Timmins said...

It is difficult for immigrants to appreciate our heritage, it's nice to see emmigrants do. It is only when we (British) see comments like this that we realise our history is immeasurable.