Monday, August 22, 2011

Motivation Monday - Saving Japan's photographs

Photo courtesy All Hands Volunteers
There is no doubt that countless genealogical records were lost during Japan's tsunami in March this year. These records are lost forever, but there is some hope for lost images of ancestors past. Many photographs have been collected from personal effects or have washed back onshore in the months since the disaster and volunteers with All Hands Volunteers are using their photo editing skills to return the photos to their former beauty. Volunteers in Japan collect the images and scan them in and other volunteers from around the world repair water damage, tears and fading to bring the images back to life. Such a small action can make a massive impact...there is nothing more motivating than that. For more information on the Project Tohoku: Photo Rescue Program and how you can help, visit here. For a news story on the program visit the National Public Radio site here.

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