Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The joy of discovering spelling mistakes - Wedding Wednesday

I've always considered Joseph Creed a nomad of sorts. He really didn't seem to be fond of sticking to one place for any period of time, although I'm sure he was just a product of the times he lived in. He was born in North Carolina in 1841 and moved to Missouri sometime between 1850 and 1861, which is when he enlisted in the Cass County Home Guards Cavalry. I know that Joseph married Mary Reece and I had a family history indicating that it was September 4, 1862. So now for finding proof...
Joseph and Mary Creed many years after their marriage.
I find Mary living with her parents, William and Elizabeth Reece, in 1860 in Johnson County, Missouri. By 1865 the Reece family is living in Johnson County, Kansas, without Mary. This makes sense if she was indeed married in 1862. I checked both Johnson Counties in Kansas and Missouri for record of her marriage but come up dry. I just figured it was another record lost to time and forgot about it.

Last week I was able to make a short visit to the Midwest Genealogy Center, one of my favorite places on Earth. Not kidding. My purpose for stopping was to find more information about William Henry Reece, Mary Reece Creed's father, and hopefully connect him with another generation. (See my post here about my journey with William Reece.) I have found an Isham Reece that I believe may be William's brother but I have yet to find proof. I decided to track down more information on Isham in order to "back-door" link him to my William. I know that Isham lived in Douglas County, Kansas, which is located just west of Johnson County, Kansas. While at the library I found a book entitled Douglas County, Kansas Marriages, 1854-1884, Vol. I, by Donna M. Shogrin and published by the Douglas County, Kansas, Genealogical Society, Inc. I found several "Reece" entries to include one for Van Buren Reece, one of William's sons. I had no idea that the Reece family lived in Douglas County, Kansas. Could this be where Mary was married, too?

Alas, no. No listing under Mary Reece. But, for some reason I decided to look under Creed, just in case, and low and behold there is the marriage listing! It is listed under Joseph Creed and Mary PERCE with the ceremony held on September 4, 1862. It states that the original record was from the Kansas State Journal, so I'm not sure if it was a transcription error or a printing error at the paper, but I'm sure it is my couple. Sometimes finding spelling errors is the best part of researching!

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Lisa said...

Spelling errors are so much fun and at times just humorous. I have one ancestor's marriage certificate with not only a mispelled name, but the wrong groom! The groom's father was listed instead of the groom.