Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sorting Saturday - Genealogy goals 2012 update

The year is more than half over so now is a great time to review my genealogy goals for the year and see where I'm at.

Here are the goals:

1. My grandmother's 80th birthday is in July and I would like to create some type of "life to this date" memento for her and her guests.
2. Finally order the two Sicilian films from the LDS that I have very much procrastinated on.
3. Research first hand accounts of migration from Virginia to Kentucky to Missouri. Many of my family lines made this trek, and while I have no way of knowing what precipitated their moves specifically, perhaps I can find some explanations in the accounts of other migrants.
4. Determine the origins of my Tosh, Bodine, Creed and Reece family lines.
5. Begin a study of occupations of my ancestors.
6. Actually write some posts for my Civil War Remembered series (and yes, this may mean "backdating." It's my blog and I can backdate if I want to.)
7. Change my blog layout. I'm bored.
8. Attempt to track down living relatives in order to locate photographs, stories, journals or just to share what I have.
So. My accomplishments toward these goals is not very impressive. While we did celebrate my grandmother's birthday with a big party, I did not create a memento for her. However, I did give away photos of her life to everyone at the party.

I haven't been to an LDS church in well over a year so I have not ordered those films. I'm hoping that FamilySearch will index those particular films soon. ;)

I also have not researched migratory patterns, ancestor occupations or written anymore Civil War posts.

However comma I did change my blog layout. I'm still not happy with it, but it's a change and that meets the wicket. I have made an effort to track down living relatives, but I haven't had much luck. I did reach out to one of my dad's cousins and got some great memories from her and that was well worth it.
Eliza Bodine Cutler and James Cutler
Goal #4 is where I've made the most progress. I have done a lot of research on the Tosh, Bodine, Creed and Reece lines. I can't say that I've totally found their origins, but I have made great strides. And I've found where they are NOT from so that's something.

All in all I'm doing terrible on my goals. Alas, I have four more months to knock some of this out. Wish me luck!

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Shelley Bishop said...

I like your new design, Heather! Sounds like you've made good progress toward your goals--four lines is a big accomplishment, believe me. Have fun doing what you can, and don't worry about the rest!