Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Message to Garcia: Roycrofters' pamphlet

A few days ago I wrote about the short story A Message to Garcia. Written in 1898 by Elbert Hubbard, it is a story highlighting the importance of self-motivation and loyalty among employees to the company or organization they support.

Nancy of My Ancestors and Me wrote and said she would like to see some scans of the pamphlet of the story as printed by Elbert Hubbard's company, The Roycrofters. I am happy to oblige below. These scans are from a 1917 version of the pamphlet from my personal collection.
Cover of a 1917 printing of A Message for Garcia.

Inside front cover.
The first page of the short story.
Inside back cover.
I love the design elements of this piece. I have always thoroughly enjoyed the design of the Arts and Crafts movement and this is a good example. For more information on Elbert Hubbard or The Roycrofters, visit the following links:

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The Roycroft Campus Corporation
The Roycroft Inn
The Roycrofters

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