Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Creed Ladies

The Creed sisters. Front row (l-r) Mattie Maxwell, Monnie Bausell and Jessie Kellogg. Back row (l-r) Mintia Whitlock, Gussie Kuhn and Etta Demieville.


Wendy said...

How did that dark-haired girl get in there? I bet her sisters gave her a time over her failure to conform.

Nancy said...

Oh, Heather, this is such a fabulous photograph! The ladies are lovely but I think it's the dresses and jewelry that draw me in. I can almost smell their cologne, hear their voices, imagine the topics of conversation. The clock quietly ticks in the background, and the conversation lulls at 10 after or 10 of and 20 after or 20 of the hour.

Did you meet any of these women? Do you know what year the photo was taken? Late 1940s to mid-1950s is my guess.

Actually, looking at the photograph, I want to wander back in time, sit together with them in their living room or around the dinner table and listen to the stories these ladies might have told. No matter that they're not my family - I just know there would be some interesting conversation!

Thanks for sharing.

Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Wendy, yes, that dark haired woman was my grandmother! Actually, she was the youngest sister by 8 years, so that may explain the hair. It also helps that she ran a beauty shop...perhaps she wasn't ready for grey yet!

Nancy, I agree. This family had so many interesting experiences, I'm sure family get togethers were chock full of great stories. Other photos I have make them look like a fun group, too. The best part about this photo is that the sisters lived in three or four different states and found a way to get together and included this photo in their visit. I love that! I don't see that happening much today.

While it is not dated, I believe it was taken some time around 1940. I have another photo of my grandmother, in the same suit, with her four children to include a son that was killed in WWII. So I'm guesstimating between 1940-1943.