Friday, November 1, 2013

Follow Friday - Favorites for November 1, 2013

Favorites is my weekly list of favorite genealogy, history and random finds from across the Net.
A reminder of 1970s Halloween at Gulf Coast Lagniappe
You don't always have to have a birthday cake at From Here to There
Time travel through historic photos with WhatWasThere
Love stories from the trenches
Oversharing a product of Facebook? Perhaps A. Warde & Co.
Advanced research at citing your sources
Scanning tips for genealogists
Genea-musings looks into the use of social media for genealogy
Heartbreak and Hope: Stories of Ellis Island
Why are “Ghost,” “Ghastly,” and “Ghoul” Spelled with “gh”?
That championship season for the mighty Royals
Some theme ideas for November blog posts at The Searchroots blog
A creepy, bloody Victorian scrapbook

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