Monday, July 11, 2016

Matrilineal Monday - Emley Odell

Emley Odell is my third great grandmother on one of my maternal lines. She was born November 18, 1859 in Ray County, Missouri to Pittman and Nancy (Hightower) Odell. She was the last of six children.
Emley's mother, Nancy, died in 1866 when Emley was just 7-years-old. Her father, Pittman, died just three years later in 1869. In 1870, the Odell children are living in the home of the oldest sibling, Elizabeth, (who had married Charles Perkins), save Elias who was a farm laborer next door to his sister's house.

The family is also mentioned in probate documents for their father, Pittman, who apparently died without a will. Charles Perkins, Elizabeth's husband, requested letters of administration in 1871 to distribute the remaining property belonging to Pittman Odell. It lists all of his children as heirs. I have not been able to locate documentation of the final distribution.

Emley is married to John Clevenger Turnage, her first cousin, on June 25, 1874. It is assumed that her sister and brother-in-law cared for her up unto her marriage. If the documentation is correct, Emley would have just been 15-years-old at her wedding. The marriage was not filed with the county until mid-November, right after she turned 16...coincidence?
John is a farmer and Emley a housewife. It is unclear whether John owned his own land or worked that of his mother, Esther Turnage. The couple have four children. It possible that there was a fifth child born in 1875 but I can find no record of it. John also appears to have been a baptist preacher as his headstone and death certificate mention, though he always lists his occupation as farmer.

Emley dies in Richmond, Missouri on June 24, 1916 just one day shy of their 42nd wedding anniversary. Though John remarries he is buried next to Emley in Crowley Cemetery near Ray County, Missouri.
Ultimately, all I know of Emley is that she was born, married, had children and died. A sad commentary on the lack of documentation of the common housewife.

To Do:

1. Locate the final distribution of Pittman Odell's property.
2. Find an obituary for Emley Odell.

This post is part of my on-going goal of 2013 to research each of my 32 3rd great-grandparents more in-depth. Emley is #22 on my list.

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