Friday, January 14, 2011

History Detectives...or Why can't I have such a cool job?

I really don't watch much television. If I'm honest, I spend much more time on the computer researching. But there are some television shows that I just can't do without. My current favorite, aside from a myriad of "ghost" shows, is the program History Detectives, which airs on PBS. The show follows five different historical "detectives," each with their own specialities, as they track down the history of interesting found objects. Many of the stories start with an individual contacting the television show and requesting that the history detectives track the past of a family heirloom or a great find from the flea market or antique store. The cast then traces the history of the item and weaves it's story in to the history of the time.

I find the show fascinating and often like to think of the items I own that may have an interesting history. Of course, I don't really own anything old and interesting. But my grandmother does. Such as the blanket chest that supposedly traveled from Virginia to Missouri on a covered wagon. We don't own anything that was of national historical importance, but each item is significant to the family and I would love to track down their stories.

I also think, what an awesome job to have! Surrounded by historical research every day may sound tiresome, but to me it sounds wonderful. Maybe someday! History Detectives airs Mondays at 9 p.m./8 p.m. (c). The show is currently between seasons, but you can check out back episodes on the History Detectives website

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Heather, I had to smile when I read both posts about your visit to the LDS Church. I'm LDS, but I grew up Southern Baptist. The funny thing is that I thought they might bite! They DID :). I became a member when I was 23. It's been a life-long learning experience. My hope is that you will be given help from above with all your brick walls. I know it will happen. So glad you've joined us to search!

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