Friday, January 20, 2012

Follow Friday - America's Lost Treasures

There is a new television show in production that is right up a genealogist's alley: America's Lost Treasures. Airing on the National Geographic Channel beginning in April, the show has a format similar to PBS' Antiques Roadshow, but adds a reality TV show spin. Guests will bring in items from their families personal collections and the show will trace the story of selected items. Judges will determine the most interesting item/story and the winner will receive $10,000 as well as having their object included in a touring exhibit.

The show will tape in 10 cities and just wrapped taping in Kansas City. To read more about the program check out these links:

KC's lost treasures in national spotlight, The Kansas City Star
America's Lost Treasures


Jenny Lanctot said...

What a neat concept ... kinda like Antiques Road Show meets WDYTYA. Very very cool!

zelsersk said...

I've got to record that!