Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's Tune - "Moonlight Serenade," Glenn Miller Band

As I have mentioned before I am an old soul. For some reason, I have always leaned toward older things. This manifests itself musically through my love of big band music. I love the sound of the horns, the popular singers of the times and the idea that to me, this music stands for a period of life I often wish I had been alive during: the 1940s.

My favorite band of the time is the Glenn Miller Band. My father has told me that when he was little his mother would move the furniture, turn the radio up and make him dance with her to the Glenn Miller Band around their living room. My grandmother died many years before I was born so this is an image burned into my mind for a person I never met. Perhaps that is why the music is so important to me.
Glenn Miller, as a Major in the Army Air Force.
"Moonlight Serenade" was written by Glenn Miller and recorded on April 4, 1939. It was actually the "B" side of the album for the song "Sunrise Serenade." It became an instant hit and was listed as the number 5 record according to sales on the 1939 Billboard chart.

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