Monday, March 26, 2012

Military Monday - Camp Robinson, Arkansas

The main entrance of Camp Joseph T. Robinson in the 1940s. Originally named Camp Pike, the post was started in 1917 as a federal training facility for World War I. In 1922 the Camp was returned to the state of Arkansas for use as a training facility for the Arkansas National Guard. It was renamed Camp Joseph T. Robinson in 1937 to honor the death of a long-time Arkansas senator by the same name. In 1940 the camp was returned to the federal government for the 1-year mobilization of the 35th Infantry Division. At the outset of World War II the post was used as a training facility. Today Camp Robinson is the headquarters for the Arkansas National Guard and the location for the National Guard Bureau Professional Education Center (PEC), the national training center for the Army National Guard. Camp Pike still exists, though much smaller, and houses the federal military units in central Arkansas.

For more information on Camp Robinson visit the Arkansas National Guard Museum website.

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