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Surname Saturday - Tosh II

Recently, I was reading emails in my gmail account and stumbled across the spam mail folder. I had never looked in mine because it does not have a prominent space on the home page. As is my habit, I browsed through spam-mails to make sure no important emails had slipped through. Low and behold there was one from a fellow Tosh researcher: Bill. I had made contact with him many years ago, but had not followed through. When I chose the Tosh surname as a focus for 2012, I sent him another message. Luckily I caught his response before it was deleted!

We ended up talking on the phone for an hour and he has generously sent me some documents that have conclusively proven my Tosh line. Bill has done a lot of work and just recently posted a website on the Tosh line that you can check out here.
The above is an application for letters of administration on the property of Thomas Tosh, who died in February 1874 in Ray County, Missouri. There is no mention of his death in the newspapers and we have not found any record of where he is buried so I have no exact date for his death. Thomas did not leave a will, hence the request for letters on the estate. This document lists his heirs:
Heirs to wit: John Tosh, Texas; Henry Tosh, Texas; William Tosh, Richmond, Missouri; Norma Tosh, Richmond, Missouri; Mary White, Richmond, Missouri; and Ella T. Whitmer, Richmond, Missouri.

Listed as an heir is Mary (Tosh) White also known as my 3rd great-grandmother. Batta bing batta boom, proof. Now for the kicker, the concrete connection from Thomas Tosh to his father and mother, Jonathan and Elizabeth Tosh: Elizabeth's will.
A rough copy of Elizabeth Unknown Townsley Tosh Harris' will. Yep, she was married three times.
In the name of God amen I Elizabeth Harris of the County ofRoanoke and state of Virginia being weak in body, but of perfect mind and memorydo make this my last will and testament in manner and pen following that is tosay

First. It is my will and desire that I be decently buried,and that my funeral expenses, and all my just debts be paid.

Secondly. It is my will and desire that my estate of whatsoeverkind at my death shall be goodly divided between my children or their heirs, namely my daughter Elizabeth Hannah, my son William M. Townsley, my daughter Jane Lewis, my son Thomas Tosh, theheirs of my son Jonathan Tosh and the heirs of my daughter Nancy Bush.
Thirdly and lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint JamesE. Day to be my Executor of this my last will and testament, revoking all otherwill or wills heretofore made by me.

In witness whereof I have hereunto at my hand and seal this20th (?) February, on thousand, eight hundred and fifty four.
Elizabeth (her mark) Harris

What I learned from Elizabeth's will is that it must have either been tough to be married to her (she was married 3 times) or it was tough to be a man in the mid-nineteenth century. They couldn't keep up with her I suppose. To date Elizabeth's maiden name has yet to be discovered. Her first marriage was to James Townsley, her second to Jonathan Tosh and her third to Samuel Harris.
Marriage bond for Jonathan Tosh and Elizabeth Townsley, August 5, 1805, Rockbridge County, Virginia
There we have it. Via two mail packets from a kind fellow researcher I can change my Tosh graphic from this:
To this:
Very sweet indeed.

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