Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Talented Tuesday - Miss Bruna McGuire in the news again

Cutline as written by Bruna herself: Bruna L. McGuire in front of the Hardin Journal office in 1962 no 1961 after I had been in the Battle Parade at Lexington, Mo., on May 18, 1961. Had on my Confederate cap I wore in the parade with my model A 1928 Coupe A Ford. Lee Meador took the picture for me.
I have written about my great-great aunt, Bruna McGuire, many times on this blog. She was a genealogist and a journalist and I'm convinced that some of Miss Bruna's passion was reborn in me. She wrote many articles for the Hardin and Lexington, Missouri newspapers and now Miss Bruna is in the news herself. Local Richmond, Missouri historian, Linda Emley, mentions Miss Bruna in her weekly column: If Postcards Could Talk.

Newspaper writer left a legacy and a green Model A
Miss Bruna’s sense of humor, way with words preserved in scrapbook

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