Saturday, April 20, 2013

Surname Saturday - John C. Ozias

John C. Ozias was my 3rd great grandfather on paternal side. He was born October 22, 1824 in Ohio, the eighth of ten known children of Jacob and Susanna (Christman) Ozias.

There are many online trees for John Jacob (often just called Jacob), however, I have yet to learn very much about him. I do know that he died in 1848 in Preble County, Ohio. Susanna Ozias lived until 1867 and also died in Preble County, Ohio. They are both buried in Roselawn Cemetery, Lewisburg, Ohio.

John married Christine Potterf March 6, 1851 in Preble County, Ohio.
The couple had ten children.
Sometime around 1855 the couple moved from Ohio to Byron, Buchanan County, Iowa. John was a farmer and Christine was a housewife. The family lived in Iowa for nearly 20 years. John registered for the Civil War draft in Byron County, Iowa in June 1863, but there is no record of him actually having served in the war.
By 1875 the Ozias family were in Nemaha County, Kansas, after having made a long enough stop in Missouri to have their last child.
1875 Kansas State census, Nemaha County.
I am not sure why the Ozias family traveled from Ohio to Iowa to Missouri and finally to Kansas. I have two lines that made about the same journey (the other being my Kuhn line) and I have not been able to determine why they migrated. I'm assuming it has something to do with the eternal quest to find the right land. Or perhaps a need to outrun their debts. Either way, John Ozias arrives in Kansas sometime around 1875. He dies only a year later on September 16, 1876 leaving his wife with a houseful of children. He is buried in Centralia Cemetery, Centralia, Kansas.

John C. Ozias headstone in Centralia Cemetery, Centralia, Kansas. Courtesy L. Hinrichsen
Based on all of his census entries, John was a farmer. I have been unable to find any plat maps from Iowa during his stay in that state, so I do not know if he owned land or just worked it. However, the value of his estate on the 1870 census is high and leads me to believe that he may have owned his own land. Here are my due-outs on John:

1. Find John's obituary
2. Look for land documents in Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas
3. Look for his father's probate records to determine if John was left anything.


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This post is part of my on-going goal of 2013 to research each of my 32 3rd great-grandparents more in-depth. John is #3 on my list.


Wendy said...

I'm impressed with how much you have gathered about your 3Gs. This post in particular is jam-packed!

Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Thank you, Wendy! I've been lucky in that other ancestors have already done the work for me by writing books and such...that covers probably one third of them any way. Just wait, there are some 3rd greats on which I know even more!

T said...

Byron Township is one of sixteen townships in Buchanan County, Iowa

Maybe you will find his Civil War record by looking in Buchanan County.

Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Thank you, T, for your comment. That's a great tip and I'll go back and check my work!