Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Similar, but not the same - Wordless (ish) Wednesday

These two gentlemen are from my White family line. The gentleman on the right is my 2nd-great grandfather, Hugh C. White. The gentleman on the left is unknown. Their ears and their mouth areas are the same...perhaps a brother?


Nancy said...

Isn't it so interesting to compare faces for the similarities?! I hope you can find out who your mystery man is.

Linda Gartz said...

Your second great grandfather is very handsome. When I see the photo of my paternal grandmother's father, I am struck by how much my younger brother looks like him. Exact same nose. My older brother looks EXACTLY like my mom's father when he was young. But interestingly, my kids are adopted-- and I've had several people tell me that they look "just like me." Go figure.