Monday, May 2, 2011

WWI embroidered silk postcards - Military Monday

I have a new obsession: World War I embroidered postcards. I know, obscure, but I find them fascinating. As may be obvious from some of my blog posts I am very much interested in World War I. I did not have any direct-line ancestors participate in this war, but I still find it fascinating...perhaps because I do not have a connection to it. I have always loved postcards and have been collecting them since I was very young. I found my first embroidered silk postcard at my favorite local antique store a couple of months ago. It was only $ could I say no?
Embroidered silk postcards first appeared around 1900 at the Paris Exposition and peaked in popularity during World War I (1914-1918). The cards were machine embroidered and in the beginning were made of high-quality materials with high attention to detail, but towards the end of the war the quality begins to drop due to the need to fulfill demand. The postcards were a very popular souvenir for service members in France and millions were made. What draws me to these collectibles is that they were an inexpensive way for Soldiers to show their love to those they left behind...and now I can hold that little bit of love.

Collectors should look for cards with little aging, thread that has maintained its brightness and themes that are unique. In short, not my sample shown above! For more information on embroidered silk postcards visit the Australian War Memorial: Guide to the Silk Postcard Collection and Gabrian Silk Postcards.

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Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! I couldn't have passed it up either! I've never seen anything like that before.