Saturday, January 14, 2012

Surname Saturday - Tosh

I am related to the Tosh line through my mother's grandfather. This is one of my more difficult lines to trace as my relationship is through a female. This is also one of my lines that I am focusing on for 2012. I have found a lot of information online that "could" be linked to my Tosh line, but nothing concrete. Here is what I currently have:

Hugh Cleveland White, my 2nd Great Grandfather, died in 1948. His death certificate lists his parents as Marcellus White and Mary J. Tosh, both of Virginia. Mary J. Tosh married Marcellus White some time just prior to 1860.
Hugh C. White's parents as listed on his death certificate from July 25, 1948.
I also have a copy of Mary J. (Tosh) White's death certificate. Mary's birthplace is listed as Virginia and her parents as Thomas Tosh of Virginia and "don't know."
Mary J. (Tosh) White's death certificate from February 26, 1915.
So I've got a connection to a Thomas Tosh in Virginia. Mary J. (Tosh) White and her husband Marcellus lived in Ray County, Missouri from at least 1870 until their deaths. I was curious if any of the Tosh family members followed them and I found an image from the 1870 census listing a Thomas Tosh (of the appropriate age to be Mary's father) and some children: Cora, William, Ella, Henry and Norma. Both Mary and this Tosh family lived in Richmond Township, Ray County, Missouri.
1870 census
When I trace this Tosh "perhaps" ancestor back another ten years I find them in 1860 living in Roanoke County, Virginia. Thomas lives with his wife, Lucy, and the same children. This time Mary, age 25, is listed: Mary, Cora, William, Ella and Henry. There is also a mystery "Pennie."
1860 census
In a search on Mary J. Tosh on Ancestry I came across an 1850 census that lists Mary J. Tosh living in District 57, Roanoke, Virginia, with her father Thomas Tosh. Her future husband, Marcellus White, lives nearby in the same district.
1850 census
I am willing to wager that this is indeed "my" Mary. With that assumption in hand the trail runs cold. If I have the correct Thomas Tosh and he lived in 1870 in Ray County, Missouri, that is the last record of him. I can find no burial records and no further census records. When I conduct a search for Thomas Tosh in Roanoke County there is quite a bit of information. Apparently, Thomas Tosh was one of the first settlers of Roanoke. Unfortunately, he is not the correct generation to be the same person. I have found information stating that Thomas Tosh's son was Jonathan and that he is possibly the father of my Thomas Tosh, but to date there is no documentary proof of that relationship.

Tosh To-Do list:
1. Look for land records in Missouri for Thomas Tosh.
2. Review Ray County, Missouri newspapers for Thomas Tosh obituary.
3. Locate probate record for Jonathan Tosh and determine if it links him to Thomas Tosh.
4. Research Roanoke County, Virginia land records for Thomas Tosh.


zelsersk said...

I like your visuals and how you laid out your sourced research in this post. This is great. Good luck on your "To Do List"!

Linda Gartz said...

Really good research -- and always a new to-do list! Thanks for your comment on the War and Bigotry post! Enjoyed hearing from you.

ironhide781 said...

George G. Morgan talked about this database of Missouri death certificates from 1910-1965. Might be too late for your Thomas Tosh, but maybe it'll help some of your other Missouri lines. Good luck!