Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding gift a newspaper

While researching the children of Philip and Bertha (Cutler) Kuhn, I came across a wedding announcement for the marriage of Benson Vernon and Zillah Kuhn. My first respose was to giggle for finding a relative named Benson (I think back to the great show of the 80s). This was printed in the March 18, 1887 edition of the Centralia Journal, the newspaper for Centralia, Kansas. It is the first wedding announcement I have seen that includes a complete inventory of the wedding gifts.

As was mentioned last week, Mr. Benson Vernon and Miss Zillah Kuhn were united in marriage a week ago yesterday at the residence of the bride's parents. A company of about thirty guests arrived promptly. Only relatives and  most  intimate  friends  were present. The young  couple were ushered into the parlor by the  parents of the bride and groom. The  bride was dressed in pure white, the   groom in black. Ceremony performed by Rev Murray a  former   Methodist  preacher at this place. Shortly after, dinner was served, and if it were not that common dinners are called excellent, we might give you an idea of this. (The English language is defective in adjectives.)  A reception was held next day at  Mr. J. W. Vernon's, father of the groom. They will begin house­keeping in a few days on the farm north of Corning. Following is the list of presents received.

1, Wordsworth's Poems, Mrs. Mur­ray, Alma, Kansas.
2,     Tablecloth and lamp, C. H. Bonjour.
3,     Pair Towels, Mr. and Mrs. I. Stickel.
4, Pair Towels, Mr. and Mrs. M.  B. Young, Shelby, Ohio.
5, Table Cloth, Mrs. J. W. Vernon.
6,  Water pitcher and pair towels; Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Magill. Corning, Kan.
7,      Glass bread plate. Chas. and Emma Kuhn.
8,      Pincushion, Ona Kuhn.
9,      Water pitcher and pair pillow shams, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Vernon.
10,  Zephys bed scarf. Ada Kuhn.
11, Embroidery tidy, Jennie Atkinson, Pawnee City, Nebraska.
12, Hand painted table scarf, Nettie Kuhn.
13, Water pitcher and pair towels, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Vernon
14, Sugar bowl, Rosa Vernon
15, Set Goblets, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Stickney
16, Covered comforter, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. Barrett.
17, Wash bowl and pitcher, Hervey and Frank Vernon.
18, Pair painted palettes, Angie Stickney
19, Washing machine, Father and Mother Kuhn
20, Cane bottomed chair, Father and Mother Vernon  


Wendy said...

I've never seen a gift inventory either. How exciting to have the names of the givers too. These look like very fine gifts.

Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

@Wendy- I know! It is a great list of relatives to do further research on. I was very excited to find this!