Friday, February 8, 2013

Follow Friday - Favorites for February 8, 2013

Favorites is my weekly list of favorite genealogy, history and random finds from across the Net.

A great story about the returning of a family treasure: Lost WWI medal returned to family
The Webtrees Genealogist shares a cool new tool: Thinglink
Laughing for the camera, c. 1890s at Two Nerdy History Girls
A Southern Sleuth shares: The Stories Their Faces Tell
Heather at Nutfield Genealogy shares a great list of 1918 Flu epidemic posts
Memorable moments in the life of NYC's Grand Central Terminal, which celebrates 100 this year
Federation of Genealogical Society Announces New Blog for War of 1812 Fundraising
Get help with finding your MIAA (Missing in Action Ancestor) at the In-Depth Genealogist
A great guide to historical newspapers available online
How to build a Family Census Table
A baseball salvaged from a Civil War battlefield
WWII War Paint: How Bomber-Jacket Art Emboldened Our Boys
A movie theater in Queens, NYC that you have to see to believe
Check out Geek the Library and learn how to help fund local libraries


Heather Rojo said...

From one Heather to another... Thanks for listing the post about the 1918 Flu Epidemic stories. There were so many great blog posts about this disaster that I really thought a list was neccesary. I hope everyone reads how much these deaths affected family history across the globe.

Michelle Taggart said...

Thank you so much for the mention Heather!

Stephanie @ said...

Thanks so much for including IDG in your Follow Friday, Heather! We really appreciate it. Hopefully we'll be able to help some genealogists find those missing ancestors. :)


The In-Depth Genealogist
Corn and Cotton Genealogy

Jacqi Stevens said...

Heather, thanks for mentioning that historic newspaper resource. It's turning out to be a timely hint that I've been putting to good use already!

Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

You are all very welcome for the mention. Jacqi, I hope the newspaper link is fruitful!