Saturday, February 9, 2013

Surname Saturday - Henry Clay Hankins

Henry Clay Hankins is #23 on my 3rd great-grandparents 2013 goals list. I am related to him through my mother's paternal side.

Henry Clay Hankins was born September 10, 1858 in Ray County, Missouri. He was the lucky 13th and last child of John Hankins and Emily Sloan.
This branch of the Hankins family began in Bledsoe County, Tennessee where John Hankins married Emily Sloan in 1835. The couple lived in this county and in Marion County, Tennessee before moving to Ray County, Missouri, where the last four of their children were born. John Hankins and at least one of his sons, Thomas, fought in the Civil War.

Henry Clay Hankins married Ella Caroline Webb on October 1, 1885 and the couple had two children.

Henry C. Hankins lived in Rayville, Ray County, Missouri his whole life. He worked in his brother's bank, ran a dry goods store and later in life is listed as a farmer. He and Ella owned their property and I have been told their house stills stands, though I have not seen it.
The 1930 Plat map for Ray County, Missouri. Rayville is just 9 miles northeast of Richmond, the county seat.
Based on this plat map, it appears that Henry had two parcels of land: one of 40 acres and one of 20. The 20 acre parcel adjoins 40 acres owned by C.M. Webb, which just happen to be the same initials of Charles M. Webb, Henry's father-in-law. Charles had been dead three years by the time this map was drawn up, but I still wonder if it belonged to the family.
Henry C. Hankins and Ella (Webb) Hankins home in Rayville, Missouri. Date unknown.
Henry lived to be 96 years old and died . He is buried in Rayville at the Crowley Cemetery.

I have the following "due-outs" for Henry:

1. Find a copy of his obituary.
2. Try to locate a photo of Henry and Ella through distant cousins.


Sierra said...

I always enjoy reading your posts because of the graphics you include to illustrate your family. Instead of a list of names you skim over, I read each name and the dates. Definitely something I need to figure out how to do.

Wendy said...

I am inspired by your plan, so I looked at my own 3G grandparents, but I see I know very little. At least I know what I SHOULD be doing.

Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Thank you both. The graphics help my visual brain line things up, I would be lost in a world of "greats" without them. Wendy, I noticed that I knew a lot about some and none about others. I use these goals as research fillers when I'm not bouncing around aimlessly between ancestors!

Anne Gillespie Mitchell said...

Love the post. Can you turn on some social media sharing so that we can share your posts easily with others?

Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Thank you, Anne. That's a great idea...I'll have to try and figure out how to do it!