Friday, July 26, 2013

Follow Friday - Favorites for July 26, 2013

Favorites is my weekly list of favorite genealogy, history and random finds from across the Net.
Funny obits bring new life to a dying art
Check out this amazing online tour created by the Warrenville Historical Society
A 17th-Century Sex Manual That's Legitimately Raunchy; view at your own risk ;)
A Citizen's Letter Tattling on Some AWOL Soldiers, 1918
Return of a Purple Heart at Filiopietism Prism
Where Do I fit in? Valediction at Ahnentafal, Genealogically Speaking
The Puffy shirt and Seinlanguage
Dazzle camouflage: the art of war
The house that time forgot
A San Francisco photo mystery solved
The Civil War in 4 series at the Civil War Trust gives great information...all in four minutes
2014 celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Rand McNally Road Atlas (yes, I still use maps)
A cool map webpage find thanks to Randy at Genea-Musings
10 countries that love (and hate) America most
Royal baby, meet the relatives
How to find really obscure sources at Genealogy's Star


Wendy said...

Goodness -- what a mix of finds! Guess where I'm going first.

Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Wendy, we are too much alike. I thought of you when I added that link! ;)