Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Adding a Feedly follow button in Blogger

After reviewing many blog aggregates to replace Google Reader, I finally decided on Feedly.com. It works on all of my toys: apple, PC or tablet. I have read that many blogs followed the same path so I have decided to add a button to my blog to allow folks to follow me via Feedly.
Through the Feedly Factory you can design your own Feedly button through an easy three-step process:
  1. Select your button design
  2. Load your feed URL
  3. Copy your HTML
The web page will create the HTML to place the button on your blog based on your input. You will then cut and paste this code as a gadget in Blogger. Be sure to post your feed URL, not just your blog's URL address. For help determining your feed URL, see here. (Thank you to Elizabeth for pointing this out!)
To add the Feedly button in Blogger, visit the layout page for your blog and locate the "add a gadget" link. Both circled in black below, though it's placement will vary based on the template used for your particular blog.

This will open the Add a Gadget link.
Scroll down the options until you find the HTML/Java Script gadget.
Cut and paste the provided HTML from the Feedly Factory page and press save.
The Title button will include a type-written title for your button, as shown below. I chose to leave this blank because the button speaks for itself.
Play around with the button size and design until you find the right look for your blog. Don't forget to save before exiting.
UPDATE: Blogger has a site listing it's feed URLs here.


Elizabeth H. said...

I added this Follow on Feedly button on my blogs a couple of weeks ago. I have one additional suggestion - be sure to check the link that it does successfully add the blog to your Feedly reader. You might have to tweak the html to make it work.

Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! I had incorrectly just used my blog URL, when I should have used my feed URL. I have updated the post to reflect that suggestion. Thank you for suggesting the correction!

Wendy said...

I found Feedly's instructions for determining my "feed URL" to be impossible. I ended up Googling to find a tutorial elsewhere. It was actually quite easy.

Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Wendy, that is a good idea. Based on your suggestion I added an update with a link to Blogger's feed URL instructions. Thanks!

Beyond Paper Editing said...

I love your blog! Your instructions are so clear, and you manage to uncomplicate difficult processes very well. You've helped me out of a bind more than once!

Carla @byondpapr