Friday, December 16, 2011

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Christmas at School

In my family, Christmas at school meant music. Choir and orchestra filled our days throughout our school years. If I wasn't going to my own concerts, I was heading to my brother's.

My favorite school Christmas memories come from show choir. The Harmonaires, a show choir at North Kansas City High School in North Kansas City, Missouri, sang Christmas music the entire month of December. Not only did the choir sing at the annual Christmas concert, but small groups also sang Christmas carols for local Christmas parties as a fund raiser. There is something about Christmas carols in four-part harmony that makes the season even brighter.
I vividly remember the fear I felt when at one such fundraising carol-singing session, my director, Jerry Carpenter, made me sing a solo. It was one of the only times I have ever sung on my own (I was born to be a back-up singer). I can't remember the song now...but it was one with an interesting Alto part, because I sang it as an Alto. My junior year I missed all of the caroling sessions because I had the chicken pox. Sweet.

Christmas choir concerts were so much fun. There were always some traditional Christmas classics and then some wacky songs as well.
Harmonaires singing Fruitcake in 1992 (I think).
How many choir geeks have awful photos like this, I ask. Regardless, this is a photo of the Harmonaires singing the song Fruitcake, arranged by Philip Hagemann & Penny Leka. It's a song about the different ingredients of a fruitcake, but with the proper inflections here and's a riot!
This song has a long tradition at our school. I'm not sure when it started, but my brother sang it in the late 80s, I sang it 1993 or 1994 and they are still singing it today. Luckily Unfortunately, I don't have any video proof my year singing the song, but here is a taste of a more current year (2010).

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