Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Glenwood Theater, Overland Park, Kansas

I found this flyer in one of my mother's scrapbooks. It is from the 1967 re-release of "Gone With the Wind" in 70mm, played at the Glenwood Theatre in Overland Park, Kansas. The Glenwood Theater was a "new dimension in luxury theaters" and was located in a Kansas suburb of Kansas City. It's lobby featured a 15' x 15' crystal chandelier and hostesses escorted movie patrons to their seats in front of the 70' x 35' screen. When I asked my father if he remembered the Glenwood he said, "yeah, that was the really fancy theater."

My mother has always been a big fan of "Gone With the Wind," so it must have been extra special to see it as a 13-year-old at such a nice theater, especially since it would have been more than an hour's drive from her home.
The historic sign from the Glenwood Theater was salvaged by a local arts theater. Photo by Jim Good; used with permission.
Unfortunately, despite all of it's fanciness, The Glenwood Theater was razed to make way for other developments. It's historical sign was saved, however, and is used by The Glenwood Arts Theater at 9575 Metcalf, Overland Park, Kansas.
The historic sign from the Glenwood Theater illuminated. Photo by Jim Good; used with permission.

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Cat Howland said...

The billboard of Gone with the Wind playing at Glenwood was at 95th and Metcalf for months, we drove by it when I was a kid, then finally got to see it. Great memory... thanks for sharing this.