Thursday, February 9, 2012

The joy of goals

One good thing about my 2012 genealogy goals to research more on specific family lines, is that it is forcing me to better review the information I already have on hand. As I have mentioned before one of my favorite aspects of this hobby is "The Hunt." I love diving into the databases, scouring archives and squinting at microfilm. My biggest fault is finding those genealogy gems and then promptly forgetting about them. To my credit, I apply a lot of effort to writing each of my blog posts. To do that, I check and double check my sources to ensure that each post is accurate. By establishing goals that force me to focus on research for a particular family line I am also forced to blog about said line and therefore create in-depth posts...leading to Eureka! The digging up of resources that were really awesome when I found them but were quickly forgotten once "The Next Hunt" began. I'm happy to say this is the case with the several lines I have chosen to focus on this year and I am now happily digging deeper in my own source collection.

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Elizabeth said...

Heather, I think we must research the same way - I love the hunt, and often forget what I've found. When I go to write a blog post about a particular ancestor, I put so much thought and effort into it, that I usually come up with additional analysis that I didn't do the first time I looked at my sources. Then it's another "Eureka" moment, different than the first time I found that source. I look forward to reading about your Eureka moments.